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  • Payslips for November are now available to view.

  • Pay day in December will be Tuesday 20th..
  • The payroll will be finalised 5 days early, which means that payroll changes will need to be received in the Payroll department no later than Friday 2nd December.

  • Travel and Expenses: All claims must be authorised and receipts received in Payroll by no later than Monday 5 December.

    Important Information for Medway Council Employees - National Fraud Initiative
    We participate in the National Fraud Initiative: a data matching exercise carried out by the Cabinet Office. We are required to provide key payroll data and personal identifiers, such as contact details, to bodies responsible for auditing, administering public funds or where undertaking a public function for the purposes of preventing and detecting fraud.

    For more details, please click here or contact the Audit & Counter Fraud Team using the following email address:

    Are you a Medway Resident?
    Staff may apply and be eligible to receive assistance by way of a council service (including but not limited to disabled parking Blue Badge, social housing) or financial assistance (including but not limited to housing benefit, council tax discounts, care package).

    It remains your responsibility to report immediately, to the relevant council department, any changes in your circumstances including all changes to your earnings which may affect your entitlement to the service or financial assistance you receive.

    Please note: Medway Council will not be held liable for any actions resulting from an individual disclosing personal information and/or login credentials. Before entering the system please remember that it contains confidential information, and by logging on you are agreeing to comply with any relevant policies or legislation relating to IT or information security.

    First Time Logon Instructions

    To log onto the system the first time you will require your 7 digit employee reference number (which can be found on a previous payslip or contract). Select forgotten password and follow the onscreen instructions. Alternatively, Click here to obtain instructions that you can print if required.

    HR and SelfServe4You Queries - please contact the HR Advice Line on 01634 334499 or email

    Payroll Queries please click here to identify your payclerk and their direct line telephone number.

    External Contacts

    For Information on Tax, please click here.
    For Information on National Insurance (NI), please click here.

    Pension Schemes

    For information on the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), please click here.
    For information on the Teachers Pension Scheme (TPS), please click here.

    Supported Web Browsers
    The following Web Browsers are supported for use with SelfServe4You;

    • Internet Explorer Version 8 and Above
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Safari on Apple Mac
    Our software provider is in the process of developing the software to support Google Chrome

    If you have been experiencing any problems, please ensure you are using one of the supported browsers.